Another picture from the Leica. I’m finding street photography so much easier with the rangefinder camera.

Image taken on the Minster Leas, Isle of Sheppey, England. First good day of summer weather last month when I saw this couple sitting on the seafront talking, It was then I noticed this lady’s tattoos across her back, her hand gesture and with the older couple walking past, it completed the shot.

 Leica M4-2, Summicron 50mm f/2 lens on Fomapan 100 Classic film and developed in Kodak D76 for 9 minutes at 20ºc.

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3 thoughts on “Tattoo”

  1. I am not sure that “easier” is exactly the description that I would use for shooting street photography with a rangefinder…

    If you need accurate focus, for example in low light, it can be a real challenge. Doubly so if you are trying to frame the subject off-center 🙂

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    1. Easier for me is because of its size, quiet shutter, and if you use zone focusing there’s no need to worry about capturing your subject. Try it sometime, you’ll be amazed what you can do.
      I was brought up before autofocus and autoexposure became the norm, so using this camera has been very enjoyable.

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      1. I know – I mostly shoot street & social documentary with an M7 using focal lengths from 28mm to 50mm, and I also process my own film. Quite often I shoot at night, where with even with two or three stops of push processing you are still shooting wide open and zone focus is not an option.

        By far the easiest street photography camera that I have used is digital – the Ricoh GR. It is smaller, lighter and quieter than an M, has excellent B&W conversions and can be used with zone focus and an optical finder. I have always wanted to try one of the older film-based GRs!

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