Taken at Dungeness, England. This location is a magnet for photographers from all over because of its bleak and barren landscapes. This is one of the last few old fishing boat hulks stilling remaining on the beach.


Nikon FE with a Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 Ai and Hoya red filter on Fomapan 400 Action.
Developed in Kodak D76 1:1 for 12.5 minutes.


Published by

The Leica Shootist

An amateur photographer who is passionate about film and digital photography.

3 thoughts on “Waiting”

    1. Your right there. Back in 2000 when I use too do a spot seafishing, back then there was lot more boats at Dungeness, now just a handful. Same for everywhere I think, the fishing industry is slowly dying away.


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