Third Class

Shot in 2016, I liked the detail on the door handle with the word ‘Third’ behind. Picture shot inside the Bredgar & Wormshill Light Railway museum shed, Kent, England.

Still amazes me that we had a third class on our railway system for many years. In 1844, Parliament passed the Railway Regulation Act. It stipulated that passengers in third class must be sheltered from the elements and be provided with seats . The upper class would repose in the comforts of first class. The middle classes went about their business in second, and for the workers, there was third, and remained that way until 1956.


Taken on Nikon FE with a Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 Ai on Fomapan 400.
Developed in Kodak D76 1:1 for 12.5 minutes at 20ºc.

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