Caught out

Caen, Normandie in France.

While visiting the city which turned out to be their market day, I saw this homeless man begging in front of a fish and chip market stall. Quite amusing character, I thought I’d take a few shots. Just as I framed up, suddenly he turned and put his hands up as I pressed the shutter. Thinking I had been caught trying to get a candid street image, the real reason become apparent, as behind me was a couple of police officers standing there looking at him.


I don’t know what the French law says about begging on the street, but just after he moved on. My wife and I later saw him in a different location in the city and she gave him some change.

Taken on a Leica M4-2, Summicron 50mm f/2 lens with my Weston Master V meter on Kodak Tri-X film and developed in Kodak D76 for stock for 8 minutes at 24ºc.

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The Leica Shootist

An amateur photographer who is passionate about film and digital photography.

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