More expired Fujicolor 200 film, this time Faversham market, England.

I was looking for colours this particular day. I took the shot because of the Baby Walker which I’d not seen on of these wooden and metal walkers for years, think they are all plastic these days and this example was in very good condition for it’s age. Just didn’t notice the statue in the background when I shot this composition.

ESSO Mascot

Some of the other wares laid out across the medieval street stones.

Fuel cans

Final frame in Faversham that morning before heading off to Whitstable harbour previous post ‘Harbour

Two Sacks

Leica M3, Summicron 50mm f/2 duel range.

Shot on expired Fuji Color 200 film.

4 thoughts on “Market”

  1. Excellent photos, with a great color palette! For having had expired way back in 2004, your results are outstanding. I’m assuming this film has been frozen all these years, or at the very least stored in a refrigerator?

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    1. After My father pasted away, I found these Fujicolor films along with a couple of rolls of Fuji Sensia in a old ice cream box in his freezer. I think he had long since forgotten about them judging from the dates printed on the boxes.


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