Washing the rain

Queenborough, England. 2022

I took my car along to a local hand car wash and the heavens opened.

To my left of this shot was another car being vacuumed under the canopy but these guys carried on out in the open. As fast as they applied the soap, it was being washed off by the rain. As they got wetter and wetter I started taking shots, even when the rain got harder they carried on with their jet washes. Amazingly, once under the canopy to be vacuumed these boys still used chamois leathers to dry the body work despite the heavy rain, bit pointless really, the car soon got as wet when it was being washed as we departed for home.

A job well done by them and I gave them both a good tip for their efforts. Just goes to show there’s always a chance of a good picture to be had even while getting mundane tasks done.

Leica M-P (Typ240) and the Voigtländer Nokton Classic 35mm f/1.4 II VM lens.


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