Barton’s Point, England. 2022

Leica MP, Summicron 35mm ASPH, B&W red filter on Kodak Tri-X pulled to ISO 100.


I took this portrait of this gentlemen sitting at a street side cafe in the town Orbec, Normandy. Neither of us could speak each others language very well, but he didn’t seem to mind his picture being taken.


Taken on my Leica M4-2, Summicron 50mm f/2 on Kodak Tri-X film rated at ISO 800 with a B&W Red filter.


Vimoutiers, France. Classic cars from a rally meeting, parked in the main town car park. I used my B&W red filter to enhance the contrast of shadows from the street light behind the cars over the body work of this 1962 Renault Dauphine and for me I love the resulting image.


Leica M4-2, Summicron 50mm f/2 with a B&W red filter on Kodak Tri-X film shot ISO of 800 and developed in Ilford ID11 for 10 minutes at 19.5ºc.

Mont Saint-Michel

I wanted to get something a little different from the usual pictures taken of this landmark in France. Taken end of last month, the day became very bright, hot, with a approximately 1.5 mile walk from where you park the car. I had already set-up for doing street photography with an ISO 800 I thought the images would be too dark, all the same, I’m pleased with the result. One point of advise to anyone thinking of visiting Mont Saint-Michel, go early! My wife and I were amazed how crowded this tourist attraction was, once we were on the Mont, we found it near impossible to get around it as there was so many visitors.


Taken using a Leica M4-2, Summicron 50mm with a B&W red filter on Kodak Tri-X film.