Washing the rain

Queenborough, England. 2022

I took my car along to a local hand car wash and the heavens opened.

To my left of this shot was another car being vacuumed under the canopy but these guys carried on out in the open. As fast as they applied the soap, it was being washed off by the rain. As they got wetter and wetter I started taking shots, even when the rain got harder they carried on with their jet washes. Amazingly, once under the canopy to be vacuumed these boys still used chamois leathers to dry the body work despite the heavy rain, bit pointless really, the car soon got as wet when it was being washed as we departed for home.

A job well done by them and I gave them both a good tip for their efforts. Just goes to show there’s always a chance of a good picture to be had even while getting mundane tasks done.

Leica M-P (Typ240) and the Voigtländer Nokton Classic 35mm f/1.4 II VM lens.


Out and about with the F60 again, I visited an area the other afternoon which is actually called ‘Ladies Hole Point’ but I decided not to use that name for this post for obvious reasons. Funny how there is some curious place names around Britain and I find it fascinating how they come about.

Found just west of the village of Rushenden, near Queenborough, Isle of Sheppey. Ladies Hole Point wharf is a disused railway jetty and was used for coal washing at one time and later operated by Queenborough Rolling Mill Company. Sadly the site has long since closed and the two cranes, railway lines have been long since removed.

Rushenden Pier

There is only industrial containers and two mobile cranes on the old railway pier used by a marine engineering company. I believe there was also a glue works and a shipbreaking yard here which the old metal was then moved by rail the Queenborough Rolling Mill.

Keep off!

Now having got film developing off to a fine art now without causing disruption to the wife in the kitchen, plus found I quite enjoyed shooting landscapes with an single lens reflex, this is something I think I will do more often. I will have drag out my old Nikon FE plus the Nikkor prime lenses I have stashed away.

Nikon FE

All images shot with the Nikon F60, with a Tamron AF 28-80mm ASPH lens, yellow filter, on Ilford HP5 plus rated stock speed and developed in stock Ilford ID11 for 7 minutes.